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Goal; ImPossible Paradigm Shifters (IPSCTX), A 501(c)3 charity organization based in Killeen/Fort Hood, Texas, is planning to construct a facility for teenagers. Within the following 24 to 36 months, build a teen facility.

Our mission is to challenge a teens' outlook on life by boosting their self-esteem and giving them the tools to succeed.

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ImPossible is a 501c(3) Nonprofit teen mentoring and sports organization that serves the teens of the largest U.S Military Base and Central Texas since 2016.

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Through entrepreneurship and sports teens learn the importance of working as a team, creative problem solving and holding themselves and each other accountable.

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Outside of being a teen center ImPossible is a way to create jobs in our community along with reducing crime.


ImPossible Teen Campus will provide an environment that natures their growth and help provide them some consistency. Education, Entrepreneurship, and sports are the foundation of ImPossible

Paradigm Shifters.

“A change in thinking and/or how we mentally process things” for example Impossible = I am Possible. If every time you see or hear the word “Impossible” you process it as “I’m possible” then we start believing what the word is telling us. Everything is possible, once we learn the process to achieving it.”

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