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ImPossible is a non-profit organization that provides teen mentorship and sports programs to military families and the families of Central Texas.

The charity, which was founded in 2016, strives to assist young people affected by conflict, deployment, and ever-changing circumstances. ImPossible provides youth with a setting that encourages growth and stability, with an emphasis on academics, business, and sports. The curriculum teaches 21st-century skill sets like coding, e-commerce, website development, and STEM. Teens are provided with a safe environment to explore their interests and develop life skills.


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The establishment of a teen center and community sports program, by ImPossible is expected to have a positive impact on teens, by reducing violence and providing a safe environment. The program will also increase opportunities for teens to participate in sports and offer additional positive support outside of the home


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Teenagers learn the value of teamwork, innovative problem-solving, and holding themselves and each other accountable through athletics and entrepreneurship. We are providing them with a skill set they can apply to many aspects of their lives.


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In addition to being a teen center, ImPossible is a means to both decrease crime and create jobs in our community. The youths’ employment lowers their likelihood of joining gangs, dealing drugs, or engaging in other illicit activity in order to make money.